Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dr. Burke's absence

The new season of Grey's Anatomy began last Thursday night without one of the most interesting and main characters, Dr. Burke. Actor Isaiah Washington who played the talented surgen was kicked off the show shortly after the end of last season because of his anti-gay comments concerning fellow gay actor T.R Knight. Washington had a pattern of bad behavior and apparently could not hold his tounge about his feelings of sexual orientation. It seemed apparent to me that this decision must have been in the works for some time considering the way the writters wrote him off the show. It seems too conveinent that Christina and Burke's relationship was so rocky right before then wedding and that he actually was the one to leave her at the alter. The writters than adjusted the issue quickly in the show by having McDreamy simple tell Christina that Burke had quit. There is talk that his mother will still be making appearances in the show so it will be interesting how they decided to write that portion back into the show. I believe it was in their best interest to write him off the show considering that Walt Disney is a co-owner of the show. It is too much of a liability for them to keep him on the show. It would look insenstive and in bad taste to keep Washington employed. Although i agree on the decision, I will miss is promince as Burke and the odd relationship that he and Christina held.

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