Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Radiohead's Big Idea

Radiohead’s latest album, “In Rainbows”, has been released, and it’s free … at least if you want it to be. The British band has decided to let the consumer choose how much he or she would like to pay. The album is only available for download through their website, where they also offer a deluxe package for around eighty US Dollars.
I came to like Radiohead in a somewhat unique way. I heard the string quartet tribute to "Ok Computer" before any of their original work. This, in part, is what interested me about the band. They had the ability to pervade musical genres. I have to respect how “rock n’ roll” this is of them to snub the major labels' method of money making, and empower their fans. Radiohead has completed their contract with EMI, and are now without label. Maybe Radiohead has discovered the solution to the ever prevalent problem of illegal music downloading. Most critics have agreed that this one of the most momentous developments since the creation of digital downloading, and that Radiohead is the right band at the right time to attempt such a stunt. However, that begs the question, is this just a publicity stunt? I choose to believe that the band really is fighting the good fight for rock music, all gimmicks aside. That said, rock on, Radiohead, rock on!

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