Friday, October 19, 2007

holy kamoley!

I work in the multimedia library on campus and we have a lot of awesome movies. On Wednesday I found out we have the complete (!) Storylords series. It's twelve 15-minute episodes where Norbert learns important reading lessons. He has to save the planet Mojuste from Thorzuul, his royal Badness, who doesn't want the citizens of Mojuste to understand simple reading comprehension ideas like using context clues and pronouns. I remember watching it when I was very small and thinking Norbert was so cool. He's a Storylord. He puts on his magical gloves, gets on his stationary bicycle (really well hidden in his parents' garage) and transports to the planet Mojuste when his magical ring calls him. I found out the show was actually filmed in Wisconsin at UW-Stout. The acting is cheesy and the special effects are clearly from the 1980s. But I'm sure I learned a lot watching it. The Youtube episodes cut out the flashbacks (complete with music to differentiate the scene and a smoke-like filter at first) to Mrs. Framisch's reading class where you really get the meat of the lesson. Anyhow, here's part of an episode:

"Oh! You remembered to read on and see if your first guess made sense! Aaaaarrrggh!"

Thorzuul is thwarted again.

It's pretty much an excellent, wholesome show. The Storylords always get home in time for dinner.

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