Monday, October 08, 2007

private practice

A couple of weeks ago I watched the first episode of Private Practice. I believe that it is done by the same creators or producers of Greys Anatomy. I really like Greys Anatomy, I try to watch it whenever I have the chance (when I'm not working or have tons of homework to do). anyways it was not as disappointing as I expected. usually i feel like producers have one really good idea and that's it for them. but this show was pretty funny. it was suspenseful, funny the characters got in to arguments overall i was entertained for the entire show. I HATE reality shows. there are usually two of each, when there shouldn't have been one in the first place. producers need to move on. i think i have as much hatred for game shows. i don't find them entertaining in the least, actually i find them more irritating than anything. i don't like watching people do stupid shit on t.v. for money. I do like acting though, i think we should get over this game show/ reality and get back to the way t.v was supposed to be, fake.

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