Monday, February 02, 2009

The 1-second Commercial

MillerCoors company broad casted a one-second commerical last night during the Sunday Super Bowl. It took a couple hours to decide who the best team was this season, but only a second to determine who makes the best beer. The cost of a 30 second spot during the Superbowl...$3 million dollars! Miller says, why waste money when common sense can be saw in a second.

I didn't see the commerical during last nights game, but watched it online. It is hilarious! I also noticed a commercial that was aired leading up to the big game. A 30 second commerical acted as an introduction to what was coming during the game, a few weeks before. They advertised that there would be a one-second commercial. This is an interesting way of getting their image out there. Advertising about an advertisement.

Here are the one's the didn't make the cut.... I wish a couple of them did.

I don't think they could of casted anyone better for this commercial. He's very entertaining.

My favorites: "Beers here!", "What's my line?.....Miller."
Every time I watch these out takes, I can not stop laughing!

Good Job Highlife!

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