Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poet Paradise

For all you poets out there, I’d like to point out an interesting website cleverly named It hosts daily, monthly, and annual poetry contests along with miscellaneous things like poetry IQ quizzes and my favorite, the rhyming dictionary. I used to be obsessed with this website back in high school and mainly used it for a nice place to compile my poetry without fear of ever losing it to a house fire or computer meltdown, but once they started harassing my mailbox with announcements that I won The Best Poet Award—I’ve won around twenty times for each poem—the annoyance outweighed the convenience. The website still has its perks, however, and I visit the rhyming dictionary and browse through the millions of poems for a laugh. I will never be a professional poet, and I’m far from bubbling over with talent, but let me explain:

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” by Jane Doe

Welcome to the space jam my friend
stay awhile, meet Michael Jordan
for you see, I am not like them
not like them at all
i need space, intellectualism
time most of all
cuz i love you
and that's all there is to it
i need you in my life, in my time
so come to me and do yo thang!

ttyl babe, gtg

love y'all
Love it!

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Eddie said...

Hahaha, awesome