Monday, February 02, 2009

Soft Drink War

Did anyone else notice the biggest change between the halves of the Super Bowl ads? It was pretty interesting that during the first half of the game there was no soft drink ads by anyone except Pepsi. Now I must admit I knew about this before the game took place. I read online that Pepsi had struck a deal with NBC that no soft drink company would be allowed to advertise during the first half.

What I found to be a great counter move, Coke struck a deal that they were the official soft drink of the SECOND half of the game. This was made very clear after almost every commercial break. I could not tell you how many ads each soft drink company aired during the Super Bowl, but I can tell you who I think had the better ads.

In my eyes Pepsi did the best job of marketing. Their ads were funny and were more memorable. This was apparent to me because the whole second half I was hoping for more commercials by Pepsi. This was huge risk for Pepsi to sign a deal that made them the only non-alcholic drink company allowed to market in the first half, but it worked. My favorite ad by pepsi can be found below.

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