Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Surprising Win for Kate Winslet

This past Sunday, I was glued to my tv watching the Oscars. This year was especially exciting for me because I had seen most of the movies that had been nominated for numerous categories. When I saw the movie "Doubt" I did indeed have no doubt that Meryl Streep would be nominated and most likely win for Best Actress for the year of 2009. Her performance of a Catholic nun was impeccably accurate, it was as if she once was a nun. I was blown away by her performance and I'm sure alot of others had the same opinion as myself. I of course was surprised when Kate Winslet won and it upset me a bit because I did not get a chance to see "The Reader." Now that she has won it gives me a cue that maybe I should check out the movie. When she made her acceptance speech, I had to give Kate credit because of her decency of recognizing the other "goddesses" in her category and giving special credit to Meryl as well. Her speech was sincere and gracious, much like the academy had recognized and honored her for her role in "The Reader." I do like Kate Winslet in the roles that she has played and she has been around for a while so I assume this is finally her time to shine. Check out her acceptance speech and see what you think of Kate.

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