Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When DUI's make frontpage news then there might just be a content problem

When looking at the JSONLINE frontpage, I noticed that one of the main stories is that Darnell Cole received a DUI and it was definately one of the top headlines for the day. I wonder if this is really that necessary? I'm not saying that a DUI isn't a big deal, and I know that it is indeed public information. But, I would think that there are other newsworthy topics worth writing a headline story about than this.

For those who don't know, Darnell Cole is the President of MATC. I feel as if posting this story is just an attack on an everyday guy. Just because he holds a major position with MATC, does that mean he should be in the spotlight for being arrested on an offense that happens frequently to thousands of people daily? It almost seems like they would post this as an embarassement to him. I could MAYBE see it being under a smaller colomn or in public records, but I definately don't consider this newsworthy of a main headline.

I guess I am posting my blog on this because I feel as if the public shouldn't have to be informed of information like this. If he had done something that directly affected his position as President of MATC, if he had hurtsomeone during the incident, or commited another outstanding crime, then maybe it should be posted. However, it was a simple DUI arrest that doesn't change the lives of anyone who reads it, and nobody was affected by the situation except for him.


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