Friday, February 06, 2009

Mickey D's goes R&B

Mcnugget love caught many viewers by storm when McDonalds decided to debut this 30 second R&B music video to promote their crispy six piece chicken mcnugget. To appeal to a vaster audience McDonalds has always managed to step outside the box when advertising. Many previous commercials seemed to tap into the hip hop culture as this music genre began to evolve into something big, but Mcnugget Love appealed to more viewers. why? the video incorporated real life. It's mature, sexy and believable. They used images that were appealing to the eye. They used the phrase "sex sells" subliminally by using nice looking people to their advantage and making it work. It wasnt your avergae family enjoying a meal. It wasnt like other commercials where you had a kid dancing at his kitchen table while eating apple dippers. Mcdonalds made a smart move when incorporating a catchy yet enticing song to get people more interested in their "upgraded" version of the same mcnuggets form ten even twenty years ago.

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