Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Feel Funny

I find the recent phenomena of a little boy named David to be quite hilarious. I am absolutely amazed by how much attention a child can get so many media attention for being high on laughing gas. The first video of this was posted by the dad on January 30th. A few of the same video by different people have also been posted. These few videos have already gotten more than two million views. He has also been on shows like "Best Week Ever" and "The Soup". I find the video absolutely hilarious and I'm glad it was on "Best Week Ever" because that is where I first saw it.

YouTube's broadcast yourself theory has countless occurrences of people putting their face on the Internet and doing something outrageous or funny, and for doing that millions of viewers could identify them.

Not only has David's laughing gas hit counted up a ton of views, but a second video of him telling a joke has as well. Now this joke and video are rather humorless, and they are not entertaining, but it is amazing how much attention it has gotten just because it is the same kid who was tweaking in his dad's backseat.

You can tell me how funny you think this is...

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