Sunday, February 08, 2009


Over the past two decades kids, teens, and adults young and old have been introduced to numerous electronic devices. The first "console" that took the US by storm was the Atari in the early 80's. Since then video games, and the video game industries have drastically changed introducing what have been called next generation consoles. Over the years the video game industry seemed to be aimed more so toward males rather than females and the so called hard core gamers. Microsoft and Playstation seemed to continue this approach as a veteran to the video game industry being Nintendo took a very different look at the spectrum. Thus the birth and craze of the Nintendo Wii was revealed in 2006 where it has since then been dominating the video game industry. It has now been about three years since Nintendo's release of its new "next gen" console and is still sold out across the country. How has Nintendo been able to accomplish such a feat you may ask. Well the name of the console itself is said to mean that the target audience is for everyone no matter how young or old, whether your a boy or girl the Nintendo Wii has lived up to its name. Heres a little video of people from around the world 'experiencing' the Wii....

The console itself is very userfriendly and offers numerous features called "Channels". These "Channels" allow people to check the Weather, News, surf the World Wide Web the list goes on. What really sets it apart from other consoles is the fact that instead of a controller and games consisting of button mashing this unique device has users do different motions allowing them to interact with the game. It has been said that Nintendos main goal with this device was to help bring family and friends together to enjoy a whole new experience of games and to just have fun. Well kudos to Nintendo because they've most definitely succeeded and have accomplished that very goal. I have heard many people say that it has helped bring there family closer by creating a 'family game night'. If you would like to find out more information regarding what this device is or does just go to and check it out for your self.

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