Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Real World...Staged?

Many of us tune into the Real World Brooklyn on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. As many of us believe, this popular reality show is real life shown about 8 very different people. They have their lives tapped 24/7 with no scripts, just themselves for the public to see. But are they really being real? With a camera around you, wouldn't you change your personality somewhat, knowing that every move you make will be aired on television?
I have actually met a couple people who have been on the show and they say, it's not completely "real."
This past episode that was on last week, questioned a lot of things for me. Chet, one of they guys living in the house, wants to be the next Carson Daly. He wants to be a host for MTV's non-existing show, TRL. He goes to get tickets to this show at MTV's head-quarters, to find out the bad news. It's weird to me that a camera crew, that works for MTV, is following him around obviously knowing that this show no longer exists. Why didn't they just tell him. Or did they, and just wanted him to continue on, to get the video footage.

Supposedly, the crew members are not allowed to talk to the roomates living in the house. Maybe Chet really didn't know that TRL was off the air. It just seems weird that he didn't know anything about this, especially because it was his life long goal.

I couldn't find just a clip of the show I'm talking about so here is the full episode. The clip starts at 19:25 and ends at 20:02 (the third triangle)

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