Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Best of Friends

I was watching the television show friends the other day and saw what I think is the funniest episode ever. I also think this ties into what we were talking about in class on Wednesay. Friends is taped with a live studio audience. In this case I think it really works because the viewers are laughing just as hard as the audience, or at least I was. I think in the case of Friends the studio audience adds to the show because it offers a place for laughter and I think the actors feed off of it as well.
Another episode that I thought is probably the second funniest show is the "leather pants" episode. Again here the audience adds to the humor in the episode. I think it is also better for the actors because it allows them in improvise more throughout the scene depending on what is and isn't funny. I think the character Ross is really good at this, obviously because he is in both of the episodes that I chose. I think he really plays off of the audiences feedback, and does a great job of it!

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