Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Ads Have Increased Longevity

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, whether it's through the uses of Youtube, Hulu, Myspace, etc, Super Bowl ads have become a more worthwhile investment than they were five years ago. Super Bowl ads have always had an aura to them. Every year, the Monday after the Super Bowl, we talk, and talk, and talk about the ads that came on during the game. But beyond talking about the ads, that was it. Unless you recorded the game, these ads that companies spend $2-$3 million dollars for 30 seconds for, were only seen once by the masses. 

Though, $3 million for 30 seconds is still a lot amount of money, since we can watch these ads over and over again on the internet, the investment is much more worthwhile. In addition to being able to watch these ads repeatedly, the buzz surrounding them seems to last a bit longer, which is exactly what these companies want. The ability to watch the ads online also gives a chance to people who might have not watched the game, or maybe left to TV for a minute to see an ad they may have missed. As of typing this blog right now, I love seeing links that will take me to these ads. Though, I may feel differently by Wenesday.

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