Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An A-Bomb drops on VH1

So there's yet another dating show that's entered into the mix, and it is definitely an interesting one at that. Airing on VH1,"For the Love of Ray J" follows Ray J, a "famous" actor and rapper as he sets out to find true love. Just like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York...the list goes on- it's really about some has-been celebrity trying to rejuvenate his career while a bunch of nasty, attention starved groupies compete for the limelight and television time.
Don't get me wrong...these shows have certainly served to be my guilty pleasures, but it's starting to get annoying how they all pretend to be about love when all it's about is camera time. I mean, these girls are given fake names like Atomic Bomb, Hot Cocoa, and Caviar. Is the audience really supposed to believe that some C-List celebrity is going to find true love with someone he names after fish eggs? And the challenges he has these girls do to prove his love? Pathetic. In the second episode, he has these girls get on a web cam, pretending he's on the road, and he makes them entertain him with some hidden talent. But hidden talents to these girls include everything from beer-bonging to creating a human banana split.
Although I love these shows, I think it would be more entertaining to see someone who is a current, popular celebrity really try to find love with someone not named after liquor or food products. And if not, I just ask that I never have to see someone admit to downing a beer from a funnel as their "talent."

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