Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cds will join floppy disks in the afterlife!

In case you didnt know, now you do! The end has come near for the era of the compact disk or better known as the CD. There has been buzz around its end in the music industry for some time now but now it has branched of into all areas that CDs touch. From DVDs to blue-ray and HD DVD optical disks, according to free software magazine, they will all become apart of yesterday's or rather more appropriately yester-year's technology. Why is this you ask? Its simple. Just as technology advanced and inevitably pushed the floppy disk, vinyl albums and the eight tracks tapes into non-existence, as technology continues to advance especially with computers, so must methods of storing and distributing information, music, and movies. Its about getting these by-products to consumers in the most convenient, easiest and cost efficient ways. The next logical question then is what is to come next? Well we already have a widespread use of flashdrives which can hold a much higher volume of information from pictures and music to documents. There is talk that music companies will sell music on memory cards. The bottom line is that more people would rather download their music and movies, whether legally or illegally, online and the sales of Cds have dropped. These memory cards are speculated to be compatible with cell phones and mp3 players. So just as we have all masterd the art of ripping Cds and now can afford to buy DVD players without breaking the bank, soon and very soon it will time to re- adjust to a new way to consume, but isnt that what we as a society are good at? I think so!

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