Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Crystal Ball Predicts Snack Time

As Americans, we all know the amount of hype Super Bowl Sunday brings to our lives. It's the one day we eat the most food (tying in with Thanksgiving Day) and bet on the two best competing teams in the NFL by handing over a $5 dollar bill and signing up in those little squares for the game pool. This is also the day that we get to view those hysterical commercials that have been heavily anticipated all year long. I guess you could say it's another one of the unspoken traditions here in the United States. Sure they are for the most part funny, clever, and whitty but one commercial in particular made me bust out laughing..the crystal ball doritos commerical. If you didn't happen to catch it, watch it here!!

The only reason this commercial made me spit my drink out is because of it's authenticity. The actions portrayed in it are very different than anything I have seen lately. To me, the concept of it is something the public doesn't see in the typical commercial; it's not something we see everyday. You want free Doritos? Just smash the glass. Ta-da!!

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