Friday, February 13, 2009

The Grammy's

I'm not sure how many of you were able to watch the three and a half hour Grammy's on Sunday night, but for those who did saw an interesting mix of performances. This years Grammy's were all about collaborations and different artists coming together. For instance Justin Timberlake and Al Green, Coldplay and Jay-Z. But the performance that stands alone is m.i.a's swagger like us featuring T.I, Jay-Z, Lil wayne, and Kanye West. The weirdest performance has to go to Neil Diamond's performance of Sweet Caroline. For those of you who have not seen his performance it is basically a creepy old man doing a spoken word version of sweet Caroline because he can't sing it anymore. And finally where would we be without the DVR. The commercial breaks during the show seemed like they lasted forever and some of the performances were not worth watching. So luckily I was able to cut that three and half hours down to only and hour or so.

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