Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix???????

Last night I was watching David Letterman and Joaquin Phoenix was on the show. I generally love him so I was excited that he was on, but it sure wasn't the Joaquin Phoenix that I thought it was going to be. Throughout the entire show he pretty much just sat there and twiddled his thumbs sipping his water sporadically and not saying much of anything. After this went on for a little while David Letterman actually seemed to be a little confused and started making some jabs at him, I think more so because he didn't know what to do. The man would not answer any of his questions. He was wearing these dark sunglasses the entire time so my assumption would be that he was under the influence of some sort because he was acting very strange.

I was so excited to write about this and show a clip of it on the blog today but when I went to YouTube to get the clip a message popped up that said, copyright claim by CBS Broadcasting Inc. Now I am not sure what this means exactly but it prohibited me from pulling up any real video from that interview. I did find, however, a short clip of the news and in it they show different parts of what took place in the interview with what had to be a, drugged up Joaquin.

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