Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Game Time...

Perhaps need a new site to look at when you‘re surfing the web.. Maybe, you need another way to pass time while you’re on your laptop in class (Not that I’m endorsing doing anything else besides note taking…c‘mon now my professor is probably reading this.) A friend of mine recently introduced me to a fantastic website called As you probably figured by the title, it is a website composed of different games.

This is a free website with hundreds of different games to choose from in just about every genre. Granted there’s a few clunkers on the site, it’s more than likely you will find a game or two that you do find truly addicting. My personal favorite on the site is the Helicopter Game, which the object is simply to guide your helicopter along a side-scrolling screen without hitting the halls. Like I said before, if you are looking to pass some extra time next time you’re on the computer, check it out.

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