Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm in ur internets, writing ur blogz.

Lolcats. You either love their cuteness or hate their stupidity. I knew it was a little pop culture phenomenon cooking on the internet, but I didn’t realize how much of a phenomenon it had become until I was browsing Barnes and Noble this weekend and actually found a compiled book of Lolcats. For those of you who are deprived of Lolcats, or are lucky enough to have never heard of them—however you want to put it—let me explain to you their simple humor. Take a picture of an animal, it doesn’t even have to be a cat, sea manatees work if you wish, add a clever caption stated in poor grammar, and pow! You’ve just created your first Lolcat. I won’t deny that I hated Lolcats in the beginning. I thought they were pointless and dumb. But when one of my guy friends openly laughed and pushed Lolcats in my face, I began to cave. Simply the fact that a macho football player was browsing through endless pictures of kittens with tears in his eyes from laughing so hard started to make the amusement contagious. Sometimes it’s hard to find a funny one, but when a Lolcat is exceptionally clever or there’s an exceptionally cute animal, the giggles hit you hard. I’ve come to realize they’re sort of like Haikus; they’re quick, dull, seemingly empty shells of entertainment, but when you ponder them for a second and let the flavor sink in, there’s really something there.

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Eddie said...

We talked about these in class already, but I just thought these were incredibly funny.