Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wrigley's is not "forever" loving Chris Brown anymore

In the entertainment industry it is nothing new about watching seemingly smart, and very rich people do extremely dumb things. It has almost even become expected of them, sort of a right of passage to stardom. However there are those few instances where we watch "America's Sweethearts" with squeaky clean, cookie cutter images get involved in bad situations where it leaves us feeling so dumbfound because we never saw it coming. This is definitely so for a lot of fans of R&b/Pop phenoms Chris Brown and Rihanna and the allegations circulating them. first broke the news Sunday, the night of the Grammys, after the seemingly perfect couple canceled their performances at the start studded event. Later it was released that Chris Brown had turned himself in to LA police after a 911 call came in from a female who said she had been attacked by Brown. It didn't take long for news sites, blogs, and radio stations to begin speculating Rihanna as the alleged victim. Brown, who posted his $50,000 bail and was released, has now lost his endorsement deal with Wrigley's gum as a result. I personally agree with the decision of the company to disassociate its brand from the singer with the severity of the allegations.

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