Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What happened to "Lost?" It was my favorite show for a few years, and last season it became unable to comprehend. In the beginning it was like, "Wow, John Locke can walk even though he's paralyzed. Cool! What an enigma!" or "The Doctor is a real heartthrob; he heals all wounds with vodka." Now I find myself thinking, "What just happened...which storyline was that from...wait...what???" That's when I remind myself that watching a show I hate isn't a wise use of time.

My biggest problem with "Lost", regardless of how trivial it may seem, is the four-toed foot statue. A show can leave a lot of loose ends and still redeem itself, but throwing a giant stone Muppet foot on a time traveling island and leaving the viewer hanging on what the hell it's there for is where I draw the line.

Have you ever had a friend that tells really long stories? Like, the person you avoid setting off because they're likely to launch into a story about nothing and forget why they started telling it to you in the first place? I feel like the writers of "Lost" are like that person. They started out with good intentions and ended up going off into a million ridiculous tangents.

Maybe I just don't get it? Maybe "Lost" is just a show for geniuses. Maybe the intricacies of "Lost" are 'lost' on me (I couldn't resist). Ehh, maybe not.

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