Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why does the media/society put more emphasis on what a celebrity is wearing, compared to their nomination or the WINNERS, and if they were even deserving of the little gold man? When huge award shows approach, like the Grammy's and the most recent Oscar's all eyes are focused on the bling, hairstyles who the evening gown and or tuxedo was designed by. Not only are the audiences anxious to see how radiant Angelina Jolie appears but the celebs themselves go the extra mile to make sure they make the best dressed page in popular magazines. Here Angelina is wearing her hair in a half updo which hangs over here black elegant gown designed by Elie Saab with emerald Lorraine Schwartz drop earrings. Personally I've never heard of neither one of these designers and Im pretty sure Im not the only one. Is it necessary to mention these sort of things when referring to a a prestige award show such as this one? Or should the focus be more on her nomination? and how she felt when she didnt when Best actress? This is showing how shallow our worlds has become when we put too much emphasis on fashion then the reality of award shows.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of it is a marketing strategy, I think. The award shows focus on film fanatics, but by obsessing about the clothes people are wearing, you're also reaching the fashion folk. And honestly, we don't know many of the designers... because we don't have enough money to buy their stuff. One of the biggest things is, that's what the elite do. They don't have to focus on putting food on the table, so why not focus on the pretty clothes they get to wear and strut their rich little selves? It's been that way for ages. Just putting in my two cents... I'm focused on writing for a fashion mag, after all.