Monday, February 16, 2009

What happened to all the Talk Shows???

So, every since I could remember I was surrounded by Television talk shows. From Sally, Ricki Lake, to Jenny Jones. Now, it seems as though reality television has replaced them like VH1'sn reality television shows such as For the love of Ray J, I love money and Rock of love tour bus. Although theses two different genres have soo much in common, talk shows has somehow become depopularized by reality TV. These two are similar in such ways like, broadcasting citizens real life situations for the world to see. Like cheating lovers, paternity tests and secret love affairs. On reality television shows such as Real World many of those factors mentioned above apply to many of the roommates life styles. They also target the same audiences. Watching talk shows as those mentioned above were highly entertaining and kept viewers tuned in. Some differences include the style in how they expose the realities. To a certain extent talk shows seem more believable because in most cases its taped live in front of a live audience. So to answer the question of What happened to all the talk shows???? Times have changed and some genres have homogenized into a super genre so to speak. So reality television is simply the talk shows of the future.

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