Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man vs Wild

I was watching Man vs Wild and the crazy adventures he goes on shock me. For a little explanation behind the show, Bear the main character is dropped off in the the middle of nowhere and has to survive until he can find a way out. He has to do all things possible to get out, and sometimes you watch and can't believe your eyes. To start off, the things he eats are borderline unbearable to watch. I cringe at the thought of anybody ever having to eat some of the things he does. For example yesterday when I was watching he caught a fish, bit it's head off, and gnawed into the rest of it, scales and all. Yesterday the episode that I watched was one when he went to Romania and it was probably the most bizarre one I have seen yet. It seems to me that he puts his life in so much danger to do some of the things that he does for television. Like scaling mountains and climbing through small caves. I couldn't ever imagine doing something like that. He is either brave or stupid, I haven't quite figured out which one it is yet. It is not something I would normally watch on TV but when you turn it on you get sucked into watching it to see what will happen next and if he will be able to get out by himself and still alive at that. I think from a consumer perspective it was a really good idea to do something like this, other than survivor man there is nothing else like it. The main character, Bear is really likable once you start watching the show, you start rooting for him to make it.

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