Friday, February 29, 2008

The Battle of Hip-Hop

A friend and I were having a conversation about mainstream hip-hop versus hip-hop the whole genre. I can't say I know too much about hip-hop as a genre, but I do know what's popular at the moment. The discussion went as far as to say that Hip-Hop is a genre that is balanced? My thoughts and perceptions of hip-hop were very different from his which made the conversation so interesting. His idea of Hip Hop being balanced essentially came from the two types of musical styles, mainstream music and underground music. I offered some insight into why I don't fully understand the Hip-Hop culture is because I have not researched the topic and the music. My interest in Hip-Hop is not as strong as his. It's easier and more convenient for me to just listen to what's being played on the radio and what I hear and see on TV. Is it fair to say that others feel the same?

I can say that I do get my fair share of mainstream Hip-Hop through a show on MTV called Sucker Free hosted by DJ Cipha Sounds. This show was originally featured only on Sundays now it's a daily morning show that starts at 7AM. This show does more than just show you the latest videos, it also features music guests who come on the show to "drop" their new albums to the viewers. Guests who are on the show do interviews with DJ Cipha sounds and he also gets the guests to dish out the juicy gossip that is going on in the music industry. Hip-Hop is something that can be shared between people it's part of a culture, Hip-Hop has become bigger and better, I can't wait to see where its headed in the future.

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