Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't you know I'm LOCAL!!!

People need to start supporting local business, entertainment and food more. Milwaukee has an outlet for almost anything you could want to indulge in locally. I’ve been striving to use only local products and to eat nothing but local food. I just recently moved to 12 acres to start growing all my own crops. If I listen to the radio, I’ll only listen to 91.7 WMSE, 89.7 NPR and 88.9 Radio Milwaukee that plays an immense amount of local music. Too many people walk around their city complaining how it sucks, but maybe they should make sure their money stays in the local economy and find a way to contribute in making it unique. It seems that in a lot of JMC classes all we do is attack the big box stores and corporate ideas and neglect the fact that we all do have a choice to get our coffee from Starbucks or Alterra. Now it would be really hard to be completely all local but we’re all leaving a carbon footprint and it can do nothing but benefit a person and the area they live to think and act more local. This weekend is the WMSE chili cook-off that is made up of local vendors and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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