Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars

I don't watch the Oscars every year because it is true what Jon Stewart said: they are consistent for one thing, being long! But this year I had it on and I must say that it is cool to see the pure excitement of the people who win. The best acceptance had to be Marion Cottilard for best actress. I must admit that the best actress award always seems to be the most emotional because let's face it, they are actresses and they can put on a show. But I really think she meant it, and I was really happy for her even though I was secretly rooting for Ellen Page. 
At least Juno didn't go home empty handed and Diablo Cody took home a golden man for Best Original Screenplay. The best part about that is, she went from being an exotic dancer to writing a movie that turned into a phenomenon. Jon Stewart's response to that? "Hope you're enjoying the pay cut!" Perfect, considering that the writers are back and were sitting in the audience.
No Country for Old Men definitely took the night with Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, and Adapted Screenplay. Makes me kind of mad that I went to see "There Will be Blood" (which honestly did not impress me very much) instead. Sure Daniel Day-Lewis earned his award for Best Actor, since he did stay in character the whole time on set, but one: I personally would not consider it a screenplay worth nominating and two: he probably scared that cute little boy to death!  
And what about those guys who use up the whole speech time and don't let the others speak? It happens every year...and I always wonder, do they think they deserve it or are they so nervous they don't even realize it? I mean, everyone is nervous at the could you not be? But when best song was awarded to the duet "Once"  you could tell Jon Stewart was only half kidding when he called the guy arrogant for not letting the girl speak...and then he brought the girl back on stage! Nice, but that guy must feel like such a jerk now! 
What else? How about the disappointment of some really bad joke telling from "Superbad" stars Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Ok, we get it you both think you're more like Halle Berry. It was funny after the first half minute, but c'mon they dragged that on way too long! I really don't know if they are to blame or if the writers are, but someone should have stopped them!
Click here for the list of the winners.

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