Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Million Dollar Shoes!

Celebrities had a few issues with their wardrobes at the Academy Awards this week. From refusing to wear million dollar shoes to forgetting the designer of jewels two stars surly disappointed a couple designers.

Diablo Cody famous for her screenplay "Juno" refused to wear a pair of shoes designed just for her. The shoes, created by designer Stuart Weitzman, costing $1 million were designed based off of Diablo's ideas as well as Weitzman's. What Cody was unaware of was that they were to be made with crystals. In addition to refusing to wear the fabulous shoes she proceeded to write an interesting blog about how angry she was that he tried to use her to sell his shoes. The blog, which is comprised of lots of swearing and complaining, was her attempt in explaining her reason for refusing to wear the shoes.

Most know that celebrities do not pay for the things they wear on the red carpet, this event is the opportunity for designers to show off their masterpieces. One thing they do expect however is that the celebrities wearing their designs remember what they are wearing. This was not the case with actress Cameron Diaz, who when asked the designer of her jewels, had to turn to her assistant for the answer.

I have to say in all the years of my viewing of award ceremonies these two incidents came as quite a shock to me. But it is quite entertaining to read the blog by Diablo Cody. Not only does she have a completely different attitude to the fame thing, but she is hilarious. Cameron Diaz on the other hand looked ungrateful and idiotic, which doesn't surprise me. Celebrities will be Celebrities i guess!

Check out the blog at pinkisthenewblog.com

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