Thursday, February 28, 2008

Living History

I know the phrase living history is an oxymoron. However on February 25th, 2008 ( a day i will never forget) I witnessed just that. In life we learn that certain ineqaulitities exist, and soon we begin to accept this. We also know that in life that some men are ordinary and few men are extraordinary (as is extra-ordinary). Ordinary men live their lives in co-existence with the status quo. They accept the inequalitites life offers and internalize them. They are just happy be alive, have a job, and live the so called "American Dream". Extraordinary men do not, will not, and cannot accept the inequalitites the status quo hands them. Extraordinary men are willing to lay down their lives and/or freedom in the pursuit of human rights, equality, and justice.
On Monday, February 25, 2008, I had the honor and privelage to see, hear, and meet, an extraordinary man...Mr. Bobby Seale.
At this point your probably expecting an breif elaboration on just exactly who Mr. Bobby Seale is and just what makes him so extraordinary. Well let it be suffice to say that i cannot do mere justice to the legacy, the cause, and the history of Mr. Seale in a mere blog. And i will not attempt to do so. I also must admit that i have another goal in mind...but first let me tell you a story. When i first heard Mr. Bobby Seale was comming to speak at UWM, I was so excited i told my son, I was taking him to see Booby Seale. He looked at me and said, "Who?" In my disbeleif,
i had him do some research on one of most influencial AND living persons from the 60's. Get it??

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