Friday, February 29, 2008

HBO's new series....

HBO recently debuted a new series titled In Treatment. The hour-long series is based on the life of Dr. Paul, a psychoanalyst that works with patients in his own home, and his wife. Each episode features only one patient, meaning that each hour basically shows only one session with the doctor and an individual patient. Few other characters ever enter the picture.
An interesting twist to the show is that Dr. Paul also seeks therapy from his assistant, Gina. In turn, you get to see the development of many characters, including the hardships that Dr.Paul goes through as a therapist. The catch is that you have to watch all of the episodes to really see the personalities of the characters (great idea for HBO, by the way).
The reason why I chose to blog about this series is because I have never seen a show like it. Each episode is independent from the next, and the doctor's house is the only set used. There is very little to no music, and the lighting stays the same throughout the entire episode. The show is based solely on dialogue, which is rare in most cable shows today.
If you like shows that are different than what's normally on TV, I recommend watching In Treatment. You can read bio at HBO's website or watch previously aired episodes on YouTube.

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eric e said...

i love that show! it's only a half hour long