Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back 2 School

I was visiting a website called where i like to watch the infomania segments, especially the target audience by Sarah Haskins. I was watching this back 2 school video that got me thinking about wether or not it is ok to target kids for advertisement. I was also looking at the connections in the video and got to thinking about integration, conglomeration and concentration. For example when you see the video she talks about how she does her back to school shopping at walmart because that's where miley cyris sells her line, and that she has to go to sears because thats what selena gomez sponsors, and Kohl's because thats where avril lavegne sells her line. It is crazy to see how the advertising world feeds off of the integration of these corporations, media overlapping other media, media making a profit off of other media. Here is the video:

It is also a good illustration of the youth of our generation are being exposed to.

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