Thursday, September 03, 2009

Updated Classics

My sister wanted to see the American Idol top 10 finalists in concert, which is why the family took a trip to the Bradley Center when the top 10 were in Milwaukee. Long story short, they sang an updated version of Beggin’ by Madcon, originally sung by The Four Seasons. The newest version has a music video which incorporates not only a modern feel (Halo gaming) but a 1970’s era story line. While not a fan of most remakes, I enjoyed how the group kept the suaveness The Four Seasons were known for and added their own hip-hop element. For their fall lineup, HBO used Madcon’s version during a montage of clips from Entourage, True Blood and Big Love. I recognized the song but could not place it when I first heard it so I went to the trusty internet and found the music video. Granted not all of you are fans of The Four Seasons but remakes and updates of music and movies are popular right now so maybe this will inspire others to find other examples of revamped media.

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