Sunday, September 13, 2009

U2 in Concert

Even though I think the title says enough, I need to fill you in on my amazing experience with getting to be a part of U2’s 360 tour. Talk about a powerful performance, U2 performed at Soldier Field in Chicago and gave thousands of devoted fans and appreciative listeners a slice of greatness. I have never been to a concert of this magnitude and this many people. The arena was sold out which means close to 100,000 people were there. To just give you a taste, I found this video on youtube that gives a small idea of how it went in Chicago. What struck me the most with this whole concert was the message U2 was trying to send to the world through his unforgettable lyrics. Of course it wouldn’t be like Bono if he didn’t try to make us aware of the number of people dying from aids in Africa or ask to dedicate a song to Iranians and the people who were on streets and were killed trying to practice their right to vote and decide who their leader is. I was on the verge of tears at the end when the show ended and they came out for one last song, of course they saved the best for last with their amazing song that gives the people a perfect message to take home, One Love.

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