Friday, September 11, 2009

Free time for me is usually saved for sleep but who can sleep when reruns of Project Runway are airing? I who was opposed to reality shows when they first debuted (The Real World) and reality contests (Survivor), I found that I was only waiting for a show with real talent. One could easily say that American Idol is entertaining but when the pressure is on, the real competitors emerge; sometimes too late.

The simple concept of designers winning fashion design challenges just works (the one featured to the bottom-right was all about using recycled materials). Not only is there tension between the contestants, there is real talent. Before any contestants make it onto Project Runway, a panel of judges who care only about the skill and potential not the gimmick a person has to offer are chosen.

Admittedly, I love fashion and designers who are able to work under extreme pressure and still produce the most amazing creations. And who doesn’t love Tim Gunn? He is without a doubt the best mentor; creatively inspiring and lovingly reassuring Tim is just one of the reasons I obsessively watch past seasons of Project Runway. The catty designers help too.

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