Thursday, September 03, 2009

I have been an active member of the webfooters water ski showteam based out of fremont WI, for the past 11 years. Throughout this time we have had adbooks, and raffle ticket fundraisers to keep our team functioning and as a way to get the team noticed by drawing in larger crowds, due to the fact that we are a non-profit organization. Webfooters have always been a small team in comparison with other teams like
mad city(Madison), Rock aqua Jays(Janesville), Little Crow etc... Competitions such as invitationals, state, and national tournaments were the only interaction between teams (with the exception of the drunken beer tent conversations held annually at each of the tournaments). Being a journalism student at uwm, it was no surprise to find social media/networking integrate its way into the show skiing world.
This summer, 2009 the webfooters stepped into the social media network by creating their very own facebook profile , sharing photos, videos,and sponsors, all the while adding and accepting friends and fans.

Showsking has created a national forum where skiers, boat drivers, amateur and professionals alike can voice their latest opinions, news, or even sell equipment through this social networking tool. This website allows show ski team members, and waterskiers alike to connect and share with each other all over the world. It can be found at

At the 2009 state water ski show tournament held in Wisconsin rapids, on beautiful lake wazeecha, social media/networking took the main stage when one ski team based their entire show's theme around the social network entitled "skibook".

I find it a little frightening and a bit unreal that these two polar opposites work together to achieve something so strange yet cohesive at the same time. It just goes to show that media is everywhere and fits everywhere. It amazes me.

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