Wednesday, September 02, 2009

YoVIlle? Say what?

How annoying is it that every time you log onto Facebook you have some sort of request in your updates section? Every single time I log into Facebook I have some silly request to join a Facebook game. All my friends have joined one and send me offers to play all the time. I usually only use Facebook as a social networking tool, but a couple days ago I became a little curious to find out what all the buzz was about.

The first game I signed up for is called YoVille. YoVille is an imaginary town where cartoon versions of Facebook friends (aka Avatars) live and interact. Each avatar has it’s own apartment and works, eats, and plays. Avatars earn money through various activities, which can be spent on clothes, food, gifts, sports, etc. I’m a little hazy on the details still, but there are a ton of things the avatars can do in this imaginary town.

What I found most interesting about this online game is that you can actually hang out with your friends! As I was looking around on the game, one of my friend’s popped up next to me as started chatting. We actually sat down in the virtual diner and had a whole conversation about an interview she had coming up!

So what this world is coming to? I know this isn’t the only game that is capable of this kind of interaction, but it blows my mind. I wonder, if we can meet our “soul mates” via MySpace and Facebook, will our children meet theirs through virtual gaming? Creepy.

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