Friday, September 18, 2009

Boobs, we all care about them.

October is just around the corner and once again it will be National Breast Cancer Awareness month which will be celebrating their 25th year of educating and making breast cancer aware in our world. Sooner than later we will start seeing PSA’s centered on breast cancer awareness however, I am not sure they will be showing this one. Although I believe that this PSA can be very effective it might be too edgy for television. The PSA is set around a pool where a lot is happening, there are men dancing, people conversing and drinking, and women tanning, pretty much the normal activity around a pool. Then a young woman in a white bikini approaches the pool, the music is changed and everything that was happening is stopped and focused on the young woman (except for the group of men dancing.) This is what I think is so unique about the PSA. You are introduced to the characters around the pool that are all of different ethnic backgrounds and age groups. Although I am sure people were more focused on other things, I believe this was an interesting way of showing the many different demographics the PSA was trying to reach. I also thought it was an interesting as well as a strange approach for a PSA. Using sex to sell the idea that breast cancer is still a continuing issue in our world is rather different then usual. Many of the PSA’s that are centered on breast cancer seem to just be straight forward with the idea “if you don’t do something, you will die” and that seems rather dark and depressing. Although the necessary message is given in these depressing PSAs I feel there are more effective ways to educate viewers of this issue. I for one hope to see this PSA broadcasted on our local networks because I believe it targets a large range of people which I think is necessary to continue the ever growing support we have towards breast cancer.

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