Thursday, September 24, 2009

I guess True Life can't be any truer!

I think I can say I am a fan of True Life, a show where people have their experiences with certain issues documented and aired on MTV. This show documents all kinds of stories from recovering drug addicts to people going through process of adoption. Last night was different, they put the producers on the show to talk about their experience documenting these raw emotions and near death experiences. These producers talked about the difficulty they face filming these stories and how sometimes they had to stay up three days at a time trying to keep up with a Crystal Myth user who had to prostitute herself in order to get her hand on this drug, that to her was the reason why she woke up in the morning. But most of all they talked about the importance of not interrupting and or affecting these people in any way so that the stories they chose to share are as real as they possibly can be so that maybe someone can actually learn from their experience and choose a better path. This is where I think media plays a good part in letting people know and helping them overcome or even try to make important decisions that help shape who they are or who they want to become.

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