Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greatful ramblings on a better Emmys


There is a special appeal to Kristin Chenoweth. Her personality went from carefree to overcome in a matter of seconds at the 61st Annual Emmy Awards. Being a bit of a Broadway aficionado I was a fan of Kristin’s voice before I watched her on Pushing Daisies. You see this pint-sized woman and hear her slight squeak of a voice and wonder, really? Amazing vocalist and actress? But yes, really, and in a long line of nominees for the night, she was the one I didn’t expect but was over the moon when she was awarded.

Another bright note of the Emmys, Neil Patrick Harris. Not to say that I felt cheated by the lack of an Emmy win for NPH, host of the night’s award show, but yeah, boo to the academy. During the stint with winner Jon Cryer (in no way am I saying that Cryer is any less than brilliant in his role on Two and A Half Men), I almost thought that the award given was a joke and the envelope was going to revel NPH as the winner. Le sigh, no such luck.

And nice touch adding John Hodgman (better known as PC on Mac commercials) as an announcer, whose voice filled our airwaves as each winner walked up to receive their award. I am one to flip to mute during certain award winners but because of Hodgman’s witty comments, I just felt like I couldn’t unless I wanted to miss out.

Last but not least, the blasts from the past announced by NPH about prior roles actors and actresses had, cheesy but true I remembered why I do love TV; it makes you smile (cut to camera showing NPH guzzling champagne angrily). Much better than last year’s Emmys, much.

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