Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Can't Forget Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer

After having been stressed this past week, I was hoping for a movie night.  A few of my friends came over and as always; the debate over what to watch began.  Unable to universally pick a movie or something to watch, my one friend decided she would just pick one and surprise us.  To our dismay, she chose to put in a disc from The OC first season. 

Initially, most of us argued or complained – typically the guys more so than the girls.  Most girls cannot deny that they have in fact watched most, to all of the seasons of The OC and probably own at least one season.

After watching the first half hour of an episode I began to notice that everyone, including the guys, were all quite, and actually really watching the show.  It was as though despite the petty, over dramatic themes of the show, no matter how badly you try to avoid it, it will suck you right in. 

This then lead to our discussion of how these unrealistic television shows of teenagers going through high school are actually entertaining.  We watch The OC, acknowledge how over dramatic and unrealistic it is, and yet cannot wait for the next episode.  We see these characters and wish to personify their styles, their attitudes.  We become infatuated with what is going on in their lives more so than we are with our own.  Don’t get me wrong I love the entertainment, but it just seems that as a society we almost set these shows as a priority.  I have many friends that will cancel anything or set aside homework on a Monday night because heaven forbid she were to miss a few minutes of her beloved Gossip Girl.

            I think too much of our society, mainly the younger generations, are losing insight into their own lives because they get too caught up in the lives of these fake people, living fake lives on television.  

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