Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrity Interviews

After the whole Kayne West and Taylor Swift episode, Jay Leno had him on the show to perform. Prior to his performance he wanted to make a statement to address what he was or was not thinking before he stole the stage. I don't know what to make of it myself, but he seemed genuine. We talked about it in class and had a debate whether he called Taylor Swift personally or not. If you watch is apology with Jay Leno and listen carefully because I don't even think he is making much sense.

I find it interesting to see everyone get involved in this. For the most part our society wants to be involved in the pop culture, celebrity world. I say, who cares. So, he was a bit crazy. If we all had our crazy moments video taped then we all would be in Kayne's shoes. I googled Kayne West and Taylor Swift and let's just say that there were many links to choose from. I went to Just Jared. com. All about celebrities. I enjoyed reading the comments.

"IM DISGUSTED AT HIM i used to like him so much now i hate him" This is one comment from a poster. Kayne West is human and makes decisions that he probably regrets. It doesn't change how he performs and does his job. He should have had better judgement, but he didn't. He is trying to apologize, but I don't think that will ever matter because he will always be remembered for that one night!

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