Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye vs. Taylor

So after not watching the VMA's due to studying at the library, I guess I missed out on the big drama between Kanye West and Taylor Swift.  No worries though as I surfed, I found plenty of information on it, and I also visited to view the clip from last nights Video Music Awards.  So I'm sure a lot of you, unlike me knew what happened right away, but if you don't know Kanye West got on stage when Taylor Swift received her VMA, and began to let everyone know that Beyonce had an amazing music video, and basically just took the microphone from Swift and kept going on.  This seems to be big news in the media, and I'm sure this drama is yet to be over. 

Apparently he has apologized to Swift several times, but everyone seems to be quite upset with a disrespectful Kanye West.  I wouldn't be surprised if this is the top article in all of the magazines that come out this Friday.  I am still in shock after watching the video, I think Kanye is a complete jerk and was totally wrong for blowing Swift's moment.  It seems that Kanye was pretty upset though that Beyonce did not get the award, although there was no need to show how he felt by taking the stage away from Swift's win.  I would love to know what other people think about this!

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Kris G. said...

What little respect I had for the rapping community and Kanye West has diminished even further.

Pretty despicable if you ask me.

Kudos to Beyonce for having Taylor come out later to finish her speech.