Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

This is old news to most of you, but it is something that seems to resurface periodically. Britney Spears, the "Miss America dream since she was 17". Probably her CD was the first CD I had ever owned with a close follower, Hanson. Then of course as time passed media made her life a center stage; the break-up with Justin Timberlake, eloping in Vegas with Kevin Federline, PREGNANT, oh and pregnant AGAIN!, shaving her head while hitting rock bottom, seeing pictures of her "crotch" and "OMG" so much more!!

What amazes me, is she still proceeds to win VMA's and other awards. She still is producing music that makes it to the top 10. She still is touring and selling out her concerts. And she voices her opinion of media and paparazzi through some of her songs.

Britney has progressively been a promiscuous artist. Her songs, such as, 'If U Seek Amy', (say it fast!) bring controversy and speak of vulgar things perhaps, depending on how you want to interpret it. Or, one of my favorite songs, 'Piece of Me' is her saying like it is about all the Media attention.

Britney knows media loves her and what she does. Therefore she continues to make music she knows the media will enjoy and criticize. She knows she will get attention through almost anything she does, including her VMA performance kissing Madonna, yet Spears continues to succeed.

Of course, many people can say this about probably many different artists. The only reason why I use Britney is because she is my guilty pleasure. I don't even enjoy "POP" music, I just enjoy what Britney has done and how successful she has been and yes.. I do like her music.

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