Thursday, September 17, 2009

Racism Excuse

I was required to read this article for my JMC 450 course, 'Race and Ethnicity in the Media'. This article, I believe pertained well to this weeks discussion so I decided to blog on it. The article talks about how if Obama does not/did not win the election then the excuse would be that this country is racism. I believe the media plays a role in this. I believe the media potrayed Obama as a BLACK CANDIDATE versus being a candidate that just happened to be black. By doing this they installed fear in having a black man ruling the country to millions of hesitant American voters, and reassured the many racist OR republican voters that he was not the write choice. Who rules the media? Conglomerations and CEO's of these few media coperations. Therefore, these CEO's, I believe arn't likely to vote democratic. Therefore, the media, I believe potrayed Obama in the light that they did, to persuade the millions of viewers with the right to vote that he was not the write man to be our President.

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