Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Texting while walking

After watching that video in class last week about texting while driving, I can't help but notice (even more) how much people actually do that. But there is something that has grabbed my attention even more: texting while walking.

I'm sure we've all seen it, and probably most of us have done it too. Why not? It's the new form of walking-and-talking. You can get your message across without having to worry about where that person is or if they can answer the phone. However, have you ever seen these people trying to walk while their doing this. It would almost be worth while to just stop, finish your message, and then proceed walking.

As I was walking to class yesterday, I was about two hundred feet from a girl that had her hands and eyes glued to her blackberry. It was like watching a drunk person stumble home after a long night at the bars. Not only could she not keep a straight line on the three-foot-wide sidewalk, she nearly barreled into me when our paths crossed. My advice: if you're not text-walking, keep your head on a swivel. You never know where the next twalker will come at you from.

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