Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is really Ocenta y Cinco

Following up on what Chad wrote about Ochocinco. I will have to agree with him.
Although I did not know that "Ochocinco" (who I will proceed to call Ochenta y cinco- the way it is suppose to be pronounced) had said before the game that he was going to do the lambeau leap. But when I saw him do it during Sunday's game, I definately was annoyed and angry. However when I saw the Packer fan flip the bird on live TV, I was thankful.

I do agree with chad, the media gave it too much attention before and after the incident happened. It's a football game and most of the attention should be targeted toward the players and their performances.

With the exception of the Green Bay Packers, I generally watch the NFL to follow up on my Fantasy Football league, so while I am watching the game I am listening to what the announcers are saying about certain players and their projections. Also, I am watching their performances to see if I should keep or trade particular players I have on my team. I don't want to hear about what would be "thrilling" on a reality TV show.

The reason why I was so disgusted with "Ocenta y cinco" is because, of course, he is a good player and performs very well, but no one wants to see his performance of his ego, especially at their favorite football teams home field. It's disgusting and unnecessary for both the player and the media to over exaggerate this incident.


kaitlyn kohl said...

it seems like ochocinco is not only ignorant of the Spanish language, but also to who is allowed to do the lambeau leap. sure we shouldn't discriminate but really ochocinco, you didn't get enough media attention from changing your last name or what? thats whats wrong with these athletes today, always looking to be in the big media.

Don't get me wrong watching the packer fan flip the bird to ochocino was probably my favorite play of the game.

slorenz said...

Love it!