Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You've got mail

Last week I tried to mail a simple letter to a friend. I don't normally use "snail-mail," (as it is affectionately referred to these days) but I had to mail a check to the commissioner of my fantasy football league. Being that I was sending money in the mail, I wanted my letter to go somewhere I knew it would be picked up on time and without concern. So on my way to class I figured I would swing by one of those blue drop boxes by the OP and simply drop my letter in there. Wrong.

Unbeknownst to me, the city has apparently ripped up all said mail boxes from the surrounding UWM area, as my search for one later that day went unsuccessful. So, although in order to use my mailbox for outgoing letters I have to leave it out for all to see, I took my chances and put it in the little flimsy hook on my porch.

When I came home later that night, we apparently got no mail that day so the mail carrier decided not to see my letter - thus not picking it up.

I finally got my mail out (two days after I intended), but is this what technology has done to old school-style mail? I admittedly don't use it much, but has email taken over to the point that sending letters has become this complex?

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